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- The story of Harry Evans from the festival to the two Evanses (12 and 13 November 2011)
at Liverpool can be seen in the Local Welsh Characters / Obituaries section.

Y Gwron o Genefa - John Calfin a'i ddylanwad

Urdd y Graddedigion: Prifysgolion a Cholegau CymruGuild of Graduates: Universities & Colleges in Wales

Forthcoming meetings of the Liverpool Branch at the Welsh Centre, Heathfield Road/Auckland Road, Allerton, L15 (Admission £2.00)

Monday, March 10th 2014 at 7.30pm

Professor Ken Roberts
Honorary Senior Fellow,
Department of Sociology,
Social Policy & Criminology,
University of  Liverpool

will speak on

“Sociology and Frank Sinatra”

Monday April 7th 2014 at 7.00pm
(please note time)

Professor Helen Fulton
Professor of Medieval Literature,
       Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York,

                                  will speak on

         “Troy in Wales: Cultural Transmission
                                        in Medieval Britain”

 May 19th 2014 at 7.30pm 

Professor Mari Lloyd-Williams
Institute of Psychology, Health & Society,
University of Liverpool

 will speak on

“Ageing and the Welfare State”

Mae’r Cymry wedi bod yn rhan o ddatblygiad Glannau’r Mersi ers canrifoedd yn gweithio a gweithredu mewn cylchoedd gwahanol ac anhepgorol fel adeiladu, a nyrsio, dysgu yn yr ysgolion a’r colegau, a morio i bob porthladd yn y byd mae nifer o lyfrau ar gael sy’n sôn am: hanes gwefreiddiol y rhai a gyfranogodd yn y gwaith arbennig hwn; a maint y dystiolaeth Gymraeg yn yr ardal ar ei gorau.

Cymry Lerpwl (Cyfrol 1 a 2) D.Ben Rees Cyhoeddiadau Modern Cymraeg. Archebwch eich llyfrau. ISBN 0-901332-56-9 A ISBN 0-901332-55-0

The Welsh have taken a role in the development of Merseyside for centuries; working and playing a vital part in many different spheres of activity, in building, nursing, teaching in schools and colleges and sailing the seven seas there are several books available, telling of the inspirational story of those who shared in this most remarkable task and the extent of Welsh witness in the area at its height.


The Welsh of Merseyside (Volumes 1 + 2) D.Ben Rees Modern Welsh Publications


Come and see the model of the Mimosa at the Maritime Museum (pier Head, Liverpool), a gift from the Merseyside Welsh Heritage Society (September 2008).

Chatham Street Chapel
Chatham Street Chapel, Liverpool, now part of the University of
Liverpool.  A building of outstanding architectural design. 



Reverend Henry Rees
First Minister of Chatham Street Chapel
(1860 - 1869)